To help your business achieve CCPA readiness, the Focal Point team has created a compliance starter kit, which includes an ebook on the scope of this law, as well as handy reference guides focused on how to approach compliance. These include a privacy notice checklist, budget guide, and more. Complete the form on the right to get started.

Is Your Organization In Scope for the CCPA? 

Decision Tree FINALCompliance with the CCPA requires a significant investment of time, effort, and money. However, before you start preparing for CCPA compliance, you should first determine whether your organization is even subject to this law.

What happens if my business is in scope?

If your organization is in scope, it's time to get started with compliance. It's important to start with business functions that collect large volumes of consumer data or are consumer facing. Many organizations are turning to experienced CCPA consultants to help them meet the requirements of this regulation, support compliance efforts, and evolve their privacy programs.

Checklist: Privacy Notices Under the CCPA

Checklist FinalUnder the CCPA, businesses must provide consumers with detailed privacy notices when collecting personal data from California residents, including the kind of information they collect, how they will use it, and who they will share it with. To ensure compliance, privacy disclosures will need to include Notices About Data Processing, Consumer Rights, Financial Incentives Program. Download this guide to see if your privacy notices meet the CCPA's requirements.


How to Budget and Plan for CCPA Compliance

Budget FINAL-1The overall cost of CCPA compliance is dependent on many different factors, including business size, complexity of the infrastructure, and scope of the environment. While establishing a budget for the compliance efforts required by the CCPA is unique to each business, there are different ways your budget can be maximized to help your organization align with this new regulation.



About Focal Point 

Focal Point is a new type of risk management firm addressing data risk through a unique combination of service offerings, including cybersecurity, privacy, workforce development, audit, and identity and access management. Focal Point has been on the forefront of GDPR and CCPA compliance and has already helped many organizations build streamlined privacy programs that comply with one or both of these new, groundbreaking regulations. Talk to one of our experts today to see how we can help.