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The key to HIPAA compliance:  Conducting regular HIPAA risk assessments. Small medical practices and their business associates are under intense pressure from the HHS Office of Civil Rights to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, and fines for non-compliance are quickly climbing into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – a penalty that most small practices simply can’t recover from.

In this 30-minute webinar, our HIPAA experts break down the top five reasons small medical practices fail these HIPAA risk assessments, and what YOU can do today to fix these little-known errors. Attendees will learn:

  • The “worst practices” that cause risk assessment failures, like the use of Gmail or Hotmail for business use
  • Tips for fixing these errors before they lead to a breach
  • Ways to simplify your annual HIPAA risk assessment process
  • Answers to common questions about HIPAA compliance at small medical practices 

The webinar is immediately followed by a 15-minute Q&A with our panelists.

Speakers include:


ERIC DIETERICH - Eric is Focal Point’s leading HIPAA expert, and a frequent speaker on privacy issues in healthcare at local and national industry events. Eric has extensive experience helping healthcare organizations large and small meet the regulatory burdens of HIPAA and HITECH.  Eric is a Principal at Focal Point, leading the company’s national Data Privacy practice. Day-in and day-out, Eric is immersed in privacy-related matters that span across industries, working with some of the largest global organizations in the world.


FRANCHESCA SANABRIA - Franchesca leads many of Focal Point’s HIPAA-related projects, and is a respected speaker and innovator in the space. As a Principal in Focal Point’s Data Privacy practice, she has performed dozens of HIPAA compliance assessments for small and large healthcare organizations in the U.S. Franchesca is the IAPP KnowledgeNet chairperson in South Florida and regularly presents at privacy and security conferences around the country.