About the White Paper

Many business leaders, CISOs, and developers view DevSecOps as simply adding security controls to DevOps processes. But to be truly successful, DevSecOps should be focused on uniting Development, Security, and Operations teams, tools, and processes to remove barriers and overcome organizational challenges.

In this white paper, our DevSecOps expert Kyle McNulty breaks down key interactions between each pair of teams within DevSecOps - DevOps, SecDev, and SecOps - to clearly demonstrate the principles of collaboration and problem solving found within DevSecOps and to show how they can be applied across your organization.

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • How SecDev teams work together to secure and improve new features
  • How SecOps teams unite to protect a growing organization
  • How DevOps teams use DevSecOps principles to build new solutions
  • Opportunities to apply DevSecOps concepts across your organization
  • How to get started with DevSecOps integration

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Meet the Author

kyle mcnulty


Kyle McNulty | Manager, Cyber Defense

Focal Point Data Risk

Kyle brings vast experience in cloud security, DevSecOps and application security, security operations center development, and innovative technologies like IoT. Prior to Focal Point, Kyle was a consultant in KPMG's cybersecurity practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Information Security from the University of Washington.