On-Demand Webinar

About the Webinar

According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s annual survey, Kubernetes use in production has increased to 83%, up from 78% the year before. 

Kubernetes has become a lynchpin for the majority of container deployments; however, by default, Kubernetes is far from secure. Many default settings leave sensitive resources far too accessible, or even downright vulnerable to attack. 

During this webinar, Kyle McNulty, Sr. Manager of Cyber Defense at Focal Point, and Andrew Akers, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aqua Security, discuss strategies for securely deploying Kubernetes in your environment. Their session covers: 

  • The most common Kubernetes security pitfalls to avoid 
  • How to identify risks in your clusters and workloads (and what to do about them) 
  • Strategies for preventing the deployment of unsafe and non-compliant workloads 

Meet the Speakers

kyle mcnulty


Kyle McNulty, Manager - Cyber Defense

Focal Point Data Risk

Kyle brings vast experience in cloud security, DevSecOps and application security, security operations center development, and innovative technologies like IoT. Prior to Focal Point, Kyle was a consultant in KPMG's cybersecurity practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Information Security from the University of Washington.

Andrew Akers 300x300


Andrew Akers, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Aqua Security

Andrew is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Aqua, where he manages go-to-market strategy for Kubernetes security and threat research. He enjoys learning about cloud technology, DevSecOps, and information security and turning that knowledge into positive outcomes for Aqua’s customers. 

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