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Building Your Cyber Workforce to Stop Tomorrow's Threats

60 mins
Buffy Ellis
Julian Smith
Phil Casesa

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Nearly 40 percent of business and IT leaders cite the lack of in-house expertise as their top cyber security challenge.

The best business leaders know they can’t hire their way out the problem. Instead, they are creating pipelines of cyber security employees within their organizations, and training them on the exact skills they need to defend against today's biggest cyber threats. To break down this topic, we’ve assembled a panel of cyber security experts to cut through the noise and the jargon – and to get to the bottom of what business leaders should be doing to build their cyber teams today.

In this 60-minute webinar, we have a vigorous debate over the true size of the cyber workforce shortage, as well as discuss how top organizations are building their own cyber resources and what skills they are prioritizing for tomorrow’s threats.

The Workforce Shortage

What is the real state of the workforce shortage? And what will it look like 5 years from now?

The Threat Landscape

What is the current threat landscape for mid/large enterprises and government agencies?

The Skills Your Team Needs

Which skills should I be developing in-house to combat these threats? And how do I get started?

Meet The Panel

Buffy Ellis
Vice President of Training, Focal Point
Buffy is seasoned trainer, speaker, author, and packet enthusiast with one focus; equipping cyber analysts with the skills they need to provide the answers. Buffy has 25+ years of experience in Network Design, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Network Monitoring and Analysis.   A former instructor herself, Buffy has personally trained over 4,000 students in the areas of networking, firewall policy, intrusion detection and malware analysis over the course of her career.
Julian Smith
Director of Education, Focal Point
Julian has more than 12 years’ experience in cyber defense and cyber security training, originally specializing in network security and operating systems. He has worked with both the US and British governments in cyber defense. At Focal Point, Julian leads the team of expert instructors, researchers and course developers in producing and delivering cutting edge, hands-on cyber skills training for both public and private sector clients.
Philip Casesa
Director of Product Management, Focal Point
Philip is a leading voice in the cyber security training industry, bringing years of insights from his roles in cyber security, software development, and consulting. In his current role, he is leading the evolution of Focal Point's training programs, as well as the product strategy for Focal Point's other divisions. Prior to joining Focal Point, Philip led the product management program for (ISC)2, where he worked to better align product offerings and new innovations with customer and market needs.