Much attention has been paid, and rightfully so, to preparing for the GDPR's May 25 effective date. But what happens after that?

In truth, May 25 is not the end of the road - it's just the beginning.  From there, organizations will need to go live with new processes, begin conducting system-specific assessments, prepare for regular GDPR compliance audits, and deal with the influx of new data subject requests. 

In this 60-minute webinar from Focal Point's GDPR experts, we look over the GDPR horizon at the steps you'll need to take once the regulation is in effect. We cover the biggest hurdles facing newly compliant organizations, as well as tips for ensuring your compliance is sustainable and long-lasting. Viewers get a first-hand look at:

  • The top operational and process changes needed for GDPR compliance
  • How and when to perform system-specific assessments for GDPR compliance
  • Conducting audits for GDPR compliance
  • Preparing to handle new data subject requests

The webinar includes a 15-minute Q&A with our panelists.