About the Webinar

Leading organizations use DevOps practices and tools to unleash innovation and accelerate digital transformation. But recent breaches like SolarWinds and Codecov have revealed the dangers of omitting security from DevOps processes. Many IT organizations struggle to get started, wondering how they can preserve speed while protecting their development environments and digital supply chains.

In this on-demand webinar, Kyle McNulty, Focal Point’s resident DevSecOps expert, and Rob Patrick, CyberArk’s leading secrets management specialist, break down the biggest breaches of the past year and show how the right DevSecOps tools and techniques could have disrupted the attack chain. They discuss strategies for deploying DevSecOps successfully, as well as techniques for uniting development and security teams.

In this webinar, attendees learn about: 

  • The role of unprotected developer pipelines in major breaches like SolarWinds and Codecov
  • Strategies for mitigating common vulnerabilities in DevOps
  • The steps to building a DevSecOps program at your organization
  • Pitfalls and success factors to consider when rolling out your DevSecOps program

Meet the Speakers

kyle mcnulty


Kyle McNulty, Manager - Cyber Defense

Focal Point Data Risk

Kyle brings vast experience in cloud security, DevSecOps and application security, security operations center development, and innovative technologies like IoT. Prior to Focal Point, Kyle was a consultant in KPMG's cybersecurity practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Information Security from the University of Washington.

rob patrick


Rob Patrick, DevSecOps Specialist 


Rob has worked as a developer and with developers his entire career. He has also worked extensively with operations teams to optimize their workflows and enable DevOps to happen. At CyberArk, Rob works as a DevSecOps specialist helping customers in the Northeast secure their CI/CD pipelines, Kubernetes clusters, and application secrets.

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