About the Webinar

DevSecOps is a methodology for secure application development at speed, which puts an emphasis on security involvement through all phases of the software development lifecycle – including the very start.

Software development teams have been leveraging DevOps principles for years, but companies often struggle to secure these new deployment strategies. Today’s leading organizations are embracing the ideas of DevSecOps to protect the risk inherent in DevOps processes.

In this crash course for security leaders, we dive deep into how you can start or mature your DevSecOps program. We provide a baseline understanding of key concepts and challenges, present real-world case studies, and walk through a practical approach to integrating continuous security methods into your DevOps mechanisms, such as CI/CD pipelines. This session is designed for security leaders, DevOps leaders, and those interested in transformative security approaches.

Viewers learn:

  • The value of DevSecOps done effectively
  • Key strategies for enabling DevSecOps at the program level
  • Supporting technical initiatives that allow DevSecOps to succeed
  • Common pitfalls and success factors for DevSecOps program rollout

Please note, this is not a webinar-disguised-as-a-software-pitch session. This session is actionable guidance for security leaders looking to improve their DevSecOps program.

Meet the Speaker

kyle mcnulty


Kyle McNulty | Manager, Cyber Defense

Focal Point Data Risk

Kyle brings vast experience in cloud security, DevSecOps and application security, security operations center development, and innovative technologies like IoT. Prior to Focal Point, Kyle was a consultant in KPMG's cybersecurity practice. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and Information Security from the University of Washington.