Enabling Your Remote Workforce

In response to Covid-19, many organizations moved to a fully remote workforce model in a handful of days. In the rush to distribute equipment, roll out VPN and MFA, and set up virtual communications, many security controls have been overlooked. To help companies address these risks, Focal Point's experts have created a package of strategies, checklists, guides, and tools for securing your remote workforce. 

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securing tools

Guides for Securing Remote Work Tools

The transition to remote work has required a host of new or expanded technologies. Securing these solutions is critical to protecting your business. 

  • Webinar: You Rolled Out MFA and VPN: Now What? - Learn More
  • Checklist: Securing Your Remote Workforce - Learn More
  • Guide: Tips for Protecting Your Privacy on Video Conferencing Tools - Learn More
  • Guide: A Free Covid-19 Cyber Awareness email - Learn More
remote access-1

Strategies for Managing Remote Access

Securing, stable remote access has never been more important for your business. In these guides, our experts discuss strategies and tools for providing secure remote access to employees, customers, and vendors and third parties.

  • Webinar: Protecting Your Office Away from the Office: Securing Remote Access - Learn More
  • Guide: Free Tools and Promotions for Securing Remote Access - Learn More
essential operations

Insights into Enabling Essential Operations

The very nature of "essential" operations has changed during the pandemic. But there are many functions within your business that will play essential roles in the weeks and months to come. Our experts look at the roles your SOC, audit, and privacy teams should be playing right now, and how to enable them in the future.

  • Webinar: SecOps under Crisis - Learn More
  • Webinar: An Internal Auditor's Guide to Managing Privacy (In a Pandemic) - Learn More
  • Guide: The Impact of Covid-19 on Your 2020 SOX Progam - Learn More


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