A Guide to Red and Purple Teams

With persistent attackers always on the hunt for corporate data, organizations must continuously seek new, innovative ways to strengthen their cybersecurity programs. Red team and purple team assessments are becoming a popular way for organizations to evaluate the maturity of their cybersecurity programs, expand their teams' skillsets, and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Red team and purple team assessments let you simulate the impact of a specific threat on your organization, putting your people, processes, and technologies through the rigors of an attack. In this guide, our security experts define the roles involved in these types of assessments, the strategies behind them, and their benefits.

This guide breaks down:  

  • The differences among red, blue, purple, and white teams and how they work together 
  • How a purple team assessment is executed
  • How a red team assessment is executed
  • The differences between red/purple team assessments and penetration testing
  • How to determine which assessment is right for your team

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