GDPR compliance was a massive undertaking for many companies in 2018 and will continue to be a key focus area in 2019. Understanding the regulation itself is quite a challenge and failing to comply is a big concern for many companies (86% fear it could have a major negative impact on their business). 

To make implementation easier for EU Member States, the GDPR allowed for derogations to a number of specific requirements (age of consent, right to erasure, and more). While these are helpful for Member States, they do add another challenge for organizations working toward GDPR compliance. 

Our GDPR experts mapped out these derogations by Member State and cross-referenced them with the requirements of the GDPR - all in a single, easy-to-navigate guide. 

Within this guide, we shed light on: 

  • Landmark derogations in Germany and Austria
  • Key derogations from France, the UK, The Netherlands, and more
  • Steps to take if your company must align with specific Member State derogations

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