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How secure is your

Crown Jewels data? 

Focal Point's Crown Jewels Assessment answers that question.  It eliminates data blindspots and gives you a complete picture of the risks facing your most important data.


An Assessment with Impact

Unlike compliance or control-driven assessments, the Crown Jewels Assessment is entirely focused on your data, with outputs designed to help you drive meaningful change in your organization. The insights from a Crown Jewels assessment can be used to improve cyber resiliency and minimize the impact of breaches.

ID Your Crown Jewels

By inventorying and prioritizing your most important data assets.

Remove Data Blindspots

By mapping the flow of critical data through your people and systems.

Analyze the Risks

By evaluating your data flow against security frameworks like NIST.

Build Cyber Resiliency

By aligning around security projects that protect your Crown Jewels.

Measuring the Data that Matters Most

The Crown Jewels Assessment targets your most important data - intellectual property, PII, credit card information, financial data, and embarassment data - and tracks it wherever it may lead.  By overlaying information security standards on the data map, you get a multi-dimensional topography of your risks.


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What You're Up Against

Poor data visibility handicaps your ability to execute on security plans and leaves you exposed to threats.

If you can't answer the "five W's" of data management, you're not alone.  

  • Who has access to my Crown Jewels?
  • What would happen if my Crown Jewels were stolen today?
  • Where is that data collected, processed, and stored?
  • When is it created? When is it destroyed?
  • Why do people need access to that data?

The inability to answer these questions confidently and completely means you can't prioritize security spending on projects that protect your most important assets.  This often results in wasteful spending on low-impact risks, while major business risks slip through the cracks.

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Enabling Smart, Sustainable Security

Most breaches can be traced back to a failure of decision making, not a failure of technology.

The insights from a Crown Jewels Assessment will change the way your company makes security decisions.  By eliminating your data blindspots, your organization can prioritize and get buy-in on security initiatives. The Crown Jewels Assessment enables you to make purposeful progress toward greater cyber resiliency and reducing breach impact.

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Deliverables That Matter

The deliverables from a Crown Jewels Assessment take the guesswork out of security planning, allowing all stakeholders to establish a shared understanding of data risks and develop a prioritized roadmap to remediating the most important issues. 

A Crown Jewels Assessment typically includes:

  • A detailed risk profile for each critical asset type, suitable for technical security and IT teams
  • Summary dashboards directly portable to executive management, giving a big-picture view of the security of Crown Jewels data within the organization
  • Remediation recommendations for all uncovered risks
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