A Guide to Configuring your Database Monitoring Solution

Data is often your company's most valuable resource. With security threats growing and the volume of sensitive data increasing, securing this precious resource is critical. Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) has become a key tool in identifying unauthorized database activity and guaranteeing only the right people have access to the right data.

With guidance from leadership and system experts, organizations can configure their Database Monitoring Solutions (DMS) to monitor database activity, alerting the organization to any inappropriate activity. To help you better protect your data, our experts walk through a step-by-step framework to configuring your DMS so it captures only the activity you need it to. 

Within this guide, we shed light on: 

  • The importance of input from both management and system experts in DMS configuration
  • Key risks a well-configured DMS can address
  • How to use the INCLUDE and EXCLUDE rules to capture inappropriate activity and filter out noise
  • How to utilize the EXCLUDE rule on a database username level
  • Security considerations when implementing and deploying DMS changes
  • DMS types and additional tools to consider 

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